Local Jurisdiction Consulting
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Local Jurisdiction Consulting

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Broad Expertise: Specialized Skills

Proven Results

  • Research for elections & voter registration in Local Jurisdictions

  • Federal Election Audits/ RFAIs (Request for Additional Information by the FEC)

  • Non-profits / Political Action Committees

  • Works with Political Databases VAN / NGP / COMET

was founded on April 24, 2018 by CEO Laura Jackson.

Our Team

is comprised of Consultants Jonathan Stevens & Laura Jackson, who aim to make the Democratic Party more efficient, modern, & progressive.

  • Isaac Weintz, Manager for Pinkston for Cville

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Competent with the latest methods in the field to assess jurisdictions & run elections.

Proper assessments, setting realistic goals, creating certain expectations.


Forward-thinking strategy to advance your political goals.